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Day Tanks

UL 142 & UL 2085
Fueling Solutions

Day Tank
Fueling Solutions

UL 142 & UL 2085 Day Tanks

Phoenix Products can supply UL 142 and UL 2085 day tanks for your system. Our day tanks range in size from 50 to 500 gallons. Each day tank is custom designed to fit the requirements of your fueling application needs, which includes dimensions and connections.

Our day tanks can be provided with accessories mounted to the tank and shipped to the job site as a unit and include:

  • Supply and return pumps
  • Control panels with high- and low-level alarms
  • Leak sensors
  • Emergency and primary vents
  • Gauge sticks
  • Float fuel level
  • Mechanical leak sensor
  • Spare fittings
  • Tank drains with ball valve
  • Lockable fill cap
  • Optional OSHPD certification

If you require a different day tank size or would like to learn more about our day tank capabilities, please contact us to learn about the solutions we can provide.

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UL 142 & UL 2085
Day Tank Solutions

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