Phoenix Products


Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs

Phoenix Products' trained service personnel are equipped to perform a variety of services on aboveground fuel storage tanks, day tanks and fuel control systems including:

  • Leak detection and testing
  • Removal and repair of surface rust
  • Replacement of worn or malfunctioning appurtenances
  • Field retrofit of replacement tank if existing tank cannot be repaired

Our technicians can also address almost any maintenance or repair issue on any factory or aftermarket enclosure outside the routine scope of engine service, including:

  • Replacement of worn, rusted, or damaged panels with new panels painted to match
  • Replacement of an entire old enclosure with a new installation
  • Improvement or replacement of sound attenuation packages
  • Replacement of internal or external muffler
  • Electrical repairs to lighting, fuel level alarms, battery chargers
  • Field retrofit of replacement enclosure if existing enclosure cannot be repaired

Field Installation

Phoenix Products offers optional field installation supervision on any of the large generator packages we produce and complete installation service on new generator packages.

 A proud member of:

Electrical Generating Systems Association       National Fire Protection Association      Petroleum Equipment Institute